"Household Financial Management" 

(with Sumit Agarwal), World Scientific, 2023 

This book seeks to present the importance of household financial management using academic research and case studies. Covering all aspects of household financial management throughout their lifecycle, each chapter is devoted to a central topic such as digital payments, equity investments, and retirement planning.

In each chapter, readers are presented with economic concepts and theories in an accessible way and are shown how they can benefit from it. For instance, the book examines how different markets work, including the credit markets, insurance markets and housing markets. With an understanding of how these markets work, readers can make a more informed decision with the use of financial instruments and markets.

The book further highlights puzzles in household finance that examine how households make sub-optimal decisions. Through evidence-based research, this can be attributed to different cognitive and behavioral biases, as well as a lack of financial literacy. With the use of real-life examples, readers would be exposed to the different mistakes made by households, such as the credit card debt puzzle and stock market participation puzzle.

By integrating theories and empirical evidence from economics and finance, this book informs households on what they should do to avoid common pitfalls in managing their finances.

"GCE `A' Level H1 & H2 Economics – A Comprehensive Study Guide" 

(with Melvin Koh), SL Publishing 2020 

GCE ‘A’ Level H1 & H2 Economics – A Comprehensive Study Guide aims to help students improve their performance in Economics by providing an efficient and effective approach for content revision. The latest Economics syllabus is distilled into a collection of themes, which help students digest the different concepts that are regularly tested. Revision frameworks and essay structures designed based on the distilled themes are also included. These help students strengthen their application skills and augment their ability to write answers quickly under examination conditions.